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LA_B - #climbthecity


There is nothing like family. Nothing like building things from the ground up. In this way, you call the shots, grow as you decide and propel a product into the world that you are truly proud of. So when Barena met La Sportiva, they never really had to discuss what it meant to craft daily essentials in which people live their lives. It simple was a part of their philosophy from the early get go. Both companies work with a slower kind of creation, with controlled production and responsible quality growth. This collaboration is the natural result of their common take on versatile design solutions. After several inspirational conversations between Massimo, Francesca and the Sportiva greats; the following trainer manifested under the name of LA_B.

la_b black

Cue Barena’s take on the classic La Sportiva VK Mountain Runner. This iconic sock-likeTM upper with integrated asymmetric Ghost-Stream lacing systemTM, allows for a sleek experience when in movement, whilst keeping steady traction and maintaining extra purchase. These bad-boys are designed to optimally reduced volume and weight, which ensures maximum performance, whether hopping about sprawling urban pavements en-route to a cheeky apero or when called upon for some heavy-duty lifting when prepping your next cliff-diving escape.
Barena opted to go for a novel take on the traditional VK colour-way, by designing an all-black and total white rendition of this notorious sneaker. The traditional hue of Barena-orange is folded along the tongue and footbed with a contrasting shade of royal blue assuring a back-side that truly pops. Finally, a subtle logo reference is embossed on arched heel. The snake-like laces come in two different tones, to make for a graphic and squeaky clean silhouette altogether. Run. Vertically. Run. Horizontally. Roam free; in the end always head on home.