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Home. This is where we must begin. The rural lands of Veneto, instilled with decades of laboring by the Venetian lagoon. Its lakeside hills basking in history, knowledge and culture. Our foundation was built here, by our family, forging the deepest of bonds. BARENA is the product of our profound understanding of those who came before us. The studio proposes timeless classics that navigate comfortably between heritage, contemporary tendencies and innovative curiosity. BARENA is not about exclusion, excess nor extravagance. Our discerning universe is one of inclusion, of understated elegance; textures and resilient finishing give form to our personal engagement with natural and artistic history surrounding us. Each garment is made in Veneto to become part of our curation of daily essentials, as you travel and investigate the world.

Constructed from locally adapted research patterns, BARENA mimics the qualities of traditional workwear with a modern aesthetic. Loose shapes, quiet precise tailoring, exquisite fabrics, attention to detail and confident versatility are the pillars of our design philosophy. Each garment is crafted with sincere attention, by steady hands of skilled artisans. Finely hued in navy, black, white, khaki and the occasional touch of green or red, our quarterly drops are subtle yet expressive.