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BARENA - From the Venetian term baro, derived from the Celtic barre, to indicate the territory in the Venetian Lagoon between land and water.

Who we are.

Sandro Zara founded the firm in 1961, inspired by his passion for researching the culture, tradition and the world of textiles of the Venetian area. The Design and Creation of the collection is the precious outcome of Massimo Pigozzo’s hard work, supported on the creative direction by Francesca Zara while Giovanni Zara is in charge of the Commercial coordination.

The Barena philosophy derives from a genuine passion for the rediscovery of the Venetian tradition, and is inspired of the research that pervades you when you visit the islands of the Venice lagoon.

The Barena Collection is inspired by the peculiar dress code created and used by the people who lived in these areas. Many of the garments in the colection are the reinterpretation of unique pieces found in museums, antique markets or books that portray old images.